A quiet short holiday in nature. When you wish to be able to stop time.

If you want to relax in the tranquillity of nature, come to Lavender Hill Eco Resort. Here you can feel the tranquillity of nature. You wake up into a day full of birdsong and refresh yourself in the pool in the middle of a flower meadow, with butterflies buzzing around and sheep grazing.

You can finally breathe in fresh, clean air. Freshly picked produce awaits you at the breakfast table which is always set for you with love.

Give away unforgettable moments


Life consists of moments, experiences. Enrich the lives of your loved ones and give them a voucher according to your wishes.


Private wellness to restore vitality

The comfort and privacy of the spa offers everything you need to take a break from everyday stress and let your body and mind wander.

Here you will find two saunas, a lounge, a tea corner and a Jacuzzi with breathtaking views for perfect relaxation.

We have plenty of surprises in store for you. Restoration of energy is guaranteed.


Experiences are what counts in life

Life consists of moments, experiences. Moments that count are experiences.

Treat yourself to the magical energy of the Lavender Hill Estate and allow us to enable nature to give you all its beauty.

When you arrive at the Lavender Hill Eco Resort you will be overwhelmed by its magical energy.

Get ready. You are perfectly calm and your childhood desire to explore becomes alive again. Take a look at what the Lavender Hill Eco Resort and the surrounding area offer.